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Change GTA Online character afterwards

In the fifth part of GTA you can again play online against other players. Of course, you want to look good and stand out from the crowd with your character. How you can still change your appearance in GTA online afterwards, you will learn in this tip.

How can you change your GTA Online character afterwards?

In GTA Online you play together with many other players. So that you have a recognition value, you naturally want to stand out through your appearance.
  1. Go to the menu item "Online" and from there on to "Character selection".
  2. Once you have a character, you can create a new character here. So that you can change him, he must have reached at least level 6.
  3. Now you will be asked if you want to change the appearance of the character.
  4. Not click "Confirm" now, but disconnect briefly your PC from the Internet by unplugging or turn off the WLAN.
  5. Wait until GTA goes back into offline mode.
  6. Now you can reconnect your PC or console and enter online mode.
  7. When you now start a new session, you can change the appearance of your main character afterwards.
You can also change your appearance for 100,000 ingame dollars. Klicken Sie dazu einfach auf den entsprechenden Button in der Auswahl.

By Wenda

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