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Join a Microsoft Teams meeting - here's how

Microsoft Teams has become one of the most used video conferencing programs, especially recently. The virtual meetings are becoming more and more popular in both private and professional sectors. To join a Microsoft Teams meeting, you don't even need an account.

How to use the app to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

In the calendar invitation of a Teams meeting, you will find the link to join a meeting. To participate, proceed as follows:
  1. Clicking on the "Participate" button will automatically open the desktop app.
  2. There you first set the camera settings. You can choose to turn them on or off and select different backgrounds if desired.
  3. Now set your audio settings, for example, whether the microphone is on or off and whether you use a headset.
  4. After the configuration, click on "Join now". Now you participate in the meeting.
  5. Both camera and microphone can be switched on and off as desired during the meeting.

Participating in a Teams meeting without using the app

It is also possible to participate in a Teams meeting via the browser. To do this, click on "Participate" in the email invitation and confirm participation via the browser. Die Voreinstellungen sind identisch zur App, allerdings benötigen Sie über den Browser keinen Teams-Account.

By Wassyngton

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