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buy myTIER GO by installment: Here's how it works

For those who use the rental scooters so often that having their own vehicle would make more financial sense, TIER has a suitable offer. This you can even pay by installment. We have all the info.

PayPal makes it possible: Installment payment at myTIER GO is a popular option.

Installment payment is particularly suitable for larger purchases. With costs of around 1,000 euros, a TIER scooter falls into this category.

myTIER GO: How to choose the installment payment

Here is all the info on the installment payment when buying a scooter from myTIER GO:
  • The installment payment of your scooter is processed via PayPal.
  • As options, you can choose six or twelve months.
  • Example calculation: at a new price of 970 euros, you pay 85 euros a month if you choose twelve months.
To use the installment payment, you must complete the purchase process and select PayPal at checkout. Namely, then the installment payment will also appear as an option.

By Emiline Grabowski

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