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Google Notes: How to sync your content

With Google Notes, you outsource all your organizational tasks to the cloud. It's convenient because you can always have the content with you and sync it between different devices. Read how it works.

Syncing Google Notes is completely automatic once you set it up.

Syncing is one of the core elements of all cloud apps. With Google Notes, activating it is particularly easy.

Google Notes: set up synchronization with a flick of the wrist

If you have newly installed Google Notes on your smartphone or haven't used it yet, you first need to activate synchronization:
  1. Open the app.
  2. At the very top, you will see that synchronization is disabled. Tap on "Activate synchronization".
If you have already created notes on another device with the same Google account and synchronization is active there, you will now also see the content on the current device. Of course, this also affects the browser view on the PC. In the future, all synchronizations will always be automatic, so no further work is necessary.

By Arvell Wolfley

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