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Saving Google Notes in Google Docs: How it works

The big advantage of Google Notes is that it interfaces with other Google services. Our guide explains how you can store your content from Google Notes in Google Docs.

From Google Notes to Google Docs at the push of a button - the Google system makes it possible.

Google Docs has long been established as an online storage for documents of all kinds. There is also room there for your content from Google Notes.

Google Notes in Google Docs: This is how easy it is

On the PC, proceed as follows:
  1. Click on the menu icon with the three dots when you see a note.
  2. Select "Copy to Docs".
In the mobile app it goes analogously:
  1. Hold your finger on the desired note until more options appear at the top.
  2. Tap on the menu icon with the three dots at the top right.
  3. Select "Copy to Docs".
Then open Google Docs, either in the browser or with the mobile device. Here, the copied document from Google Notes should now be listed under "Recent Documents".

By Voss

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