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Using Google Docs offline: How it works

Cloud technology brings many benefits, but requires an Internet connection to take full advantage of it. Google offers various applications that can definitely make your work easier. However, if you don't always have an Internet connection available, you can also use Docs offline, for example.

With the offline feature, you can edit many files even without an Internet connection.

Using Google Docs offline: What to consider

Google offers you Google Docs among other cloud applications. Usually, you need an Internet connection for this. However, there is also the possibility to use Docs offline. Note that you need to add the "Google Docs Offline" extension to Chrome beforehand.
  1. Log in to Google and open Google Docs via your Chrome browser.
  2. Then click on the menu icon in the top left corner.
  3. Select the gear icon in the opened menu and choose the "Settings" entry.
  4. There you will see the "Offline" option with a switch next to it. If the switch is enabled, you can use Google Docs offline. You can also make this setting in other cloud applications from Google.
However, there are some restrictions when using offline:
  • You can only access files in Google Docs that you have recently opened with this computer. In addition, you must use the Chrome browser.
  • Any changes you make will not be reflected in the cloud until you are reconnected to the Internet and all documents are synced.
So if you already know that you will not have an Internet connection in the foreseeable future, you can deliberately open the files you want to edit beforehand to make them available to you offline.

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