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Firefox Sync: How to use browser sync

When you log in to Firefox Sync, all your browser data and settings are stored in the cloud. This gives you the same user experience from anywhere as soon as you log into a Firefox browser. Before you can use the free feature, it is necessary to set it up.

With Firefox Sync you always have access to your favorites and settings.

How to use Firefox Sync

For the following instructions we assume that you already have a free Firefox account. Alternatively, you need to create it in advance via the Mozilla website.
  1. Open the menu in Firefox by clicking on the icon in the top right corner with the three horizontal bars.
  2. Then click on "Log in to Firefox" at the very top and then go to "Set up Sync".
  3. Alternatively, you can also type "about:preferences" into the browser and then click on "Sync" in the left menu. This is the icon with two arrows forming a circle. At this point, then click on "Sign in to Sync".
  4. Click there under "Connect to a Firefox account" on "Sign in".
  5. Enter your e-mai address and password.
  6. Click "Sign in".
You are then again on the Sync page and can now set which data and settings should be synchronized between all devices. By default, all checkmarks are set. If you don't want that, just uncheck individual entries (for example "Passwords", if that's too risky for you).

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