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Reduce brightness - how to adjust your screen

When you change your seat, the lighting conditions also change. As a result, you have to strain more to read on your smartphone or laptop screen. To reduce the strain on your eyes, the most efficient way is to reduce the brightness of the screen.

How to reduce brightness

By adjusting the lighting conditions on your mobile device to the environment, you reduce the strain on your eyes. This will reduce your risk of migraines.
  • Smartphone: Unlock your smartphone via code or facial recognition. Once you are on the home screen, slide the screen down from the front camera. Now a settings menu will open up, where you will find a slider. If you move the slider from right to left, you reduce the brightness.
  • PC: Open the menu of your PC by pressing the key combination of "Windows key + I". In the menu that appears, click on the "System" option. You will now be taken to a new category overview, from which you select "Screen". Under the aspect "Brightness level" you will find a slider, which you drag to the right to reduce the brightness.
  • iPhone: On your iPhone, you need to open the settings and then click on the category "Display & Brightness". In the overview, you will see various aspects. Neben dem Begriff „Helligkeit“ befindet sich ein Regler, den Sie nach rechts schieben, um die Helligkeit zu reduzieren.

Der Trick bei Sonneneinstrahlung

Bei schönem Wetter ist es angenehm, in der Sonne zu arbeiten. Jedoch sorgt die Sonneneinstrahlung dafür, dass die Inhalte für Sie nur schwer ersichtlich sind. Erhöhen Sie hier die Helligkeit um so die Inhalte deutlicher wahrnehmen zu können.

By Breskin

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