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Dyson Sphere Program: How to build blue Matrix Cubes

In Dyson Sphere Program it quickly becomes clear that research and progress play a crucial role. For this, you first need blue cubes. Our guide explains how to make them.

All beginnings are blue: with the electromagnetic matrix you start research.

Research in Dyson Sphere Program is divided into different technological stages. These can be recognized by the color of the matrix cubes. With the blue cubes of the electromagnetic matrix you start.

Dyson Sphere Program: Blue Cubes as the basis for research

To make blue Matrix Cubes, you will need:
  • 1x Magnetic Coil
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • For these two items, you will need iron and copper products respectively. The blue Cubes are therefore a good start to create a first production line.
If the materials are available, you can let your Mech produce the Cubes manually, but later the production in the Matrix Lab is indispensable. You must first unlock this building via research.Then you can consume the Cubes for active research and increase the progress rate by setting more Matrix Labs to "Research" and supplying them with Cubes. For this reason, it is highly advisable to automate production early on. Schon bald erreichen Sie nämlich die zweite Stufe in Form der roten Cubes und spätestens dann sollten Sie die blauen Cubes in groben Mengen auf Lager haben.

By Dannel Commer

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