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Dyson Sphere Program: Make red matrix cubes - here's how

The energy matrix represents the second stage of the all-important cubes in Dyson Sphere Program. Our guide explains what ingredients you need to make the red matrix cubes and gives tips.

After blue comes red: for your research, this means increasing demands.

Having mastered the entry into automated research with the blue cubes, this will soon allow you to produce the red cubes.

Dyson Sphere Program: Produce Red Matrix Cubes Better Early Than Late

After unlocking 200 blue cubes in the research tree, you will need the following materials for red cubes:
  • Hydrogen
  • Energetic Graphite
There are several options here, as you can produce the graphite separately from coal in a smelter. Alternatively, however, you can extract it from an oil refinery by putting in hydrogen and refined oil. With hydrogen, it is clear that you will need to extract it from oil, especially in the beginning, so it is a good idea to create a sophisticated production line that spits out both hydrogen and graphite in large quantities. This is then connected to a Matrix Lab, where the ingredients are processed into red cubes.

By Marek Worobel

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