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Laptop extremely slow - how to remedy

It may well happen that your laptop suddenly acts very slowly and can no longer run programs properly. This circumstance can have different causes, but in most cases it is quite easy to fix. Usually it is enough to examine the most common causes chronologically.

Laptop extremely slow: With these tricks it works again

There are different reasons why a laptop is suddenly extremely slow. In most cases, the device is utilized by a very costly program.
  1. Open the Task Manager and check whether a program is currently taking up the resources of your laptop particularly strongly.
  2. By switching to the tab "Performance", you get an overview of the current load of your laptop and can accordingly find out what is causing the restrictions.
  3. Test closing all applications and open them again one by one until you have found the culprit.
  4. A too full hard drive can also be the reason for the high load. Delete all unnecessary files and uninstall unused programs from the laptop.

Is it because of the hardware?

  1. The high load can also be triggered by weak hardware.
  2. Check whether your memory is at capacity or whether there are still free resources available.
  3. Gerade bei Spielen oder aufwendigen Anwendungen kann auch die Grafikkarte oder der Prozessor das Problem sein.
  4. Führen Sie im Zweifelsfall ein Update Ihres Betriebssystems durch, da diese oft auch zur Leistungssteigerung führen können.

By Cindy

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