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Epic Games: Download slow - how to remedy

For playing computer games, the manufacturer Epic Games provides its own games launcher. This is needed both for playing and for the previous download of the games. If the download is very slow, these tips will help you.

Download slow: here's how to play Epic Games

To play Epic Games games on your computer, you need the Epic Games Launcher. This is necessary because popular games from the manufacturer, such as Fortnite, Paragon or Shadow Complex, can only be launched in its Games Launcher. The download of the Epic Games Launcher is free of charge and the installation is possible both on the Mac and on computers with Windows 7 or newer.

Epic Games: These tips help with slow downloads

Once you have installed the Epic Games Launcher on your computer, you can use it to play as well as to create graphics and animations. If you encounter problems with Epic Games Launcher so that downloads are very slow, the following tips will help:
  1. First, check that your PC is connected to the Internet and that you have good signal strength. If necessary, perform a router restart or try to improve the WLAN quality by placing the router in a different location.
  2. If, just before you download a game in Epic Games Launcher, you have downloaded another program, it often helps to restart your computer to increase the download speed.
  3. If the problem persists, uninstall Epic Games Launcher and then reinstall the program on your PC.

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