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Android 9: Clear memory - how to refresh RAM

To clear the memory (RAM), you should not use an extra app, which usually only terminates all apps running in the background and provides only a short success. Your smartphone will even slow down, because all apps have to reload everything first at startup.

How to clear the RAM on Android 9?

To clear RAM on Android, you first need to open RAM Manager.
  1. Go to the device's settings by opening the Settings app with the cogwheel.
  2. Under "Device", you will find the menu item "RAM" or "System Memory".
  3. Here you can now either tap directly on "Working memory" or you must first click on the three small dots at the top to get into the advanced settings.
  4. Tap on "Memory usage". Here you can now see the current usage, total memory and performance. With the RAM management menu, you can empty the memory. To do this, tap again on the three small dots and further on "Force Stop".
  5. Now the apps are stopped and the working memory is emptied.
  6. You should first see which app consumes the most working memory and then decide whether you do not prefer to delete app completely from your device. Andernfalls wird die App Ihren Arbeitsspeicher wieder auffressen und Sie müssen diesen nach nur ein paar Tagen bereits erneut leeren.

By Karolina Jax

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