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Update chipset drivers - that's why it's so important

Chipset drivers are present to make the hardware in your computer work properly. Drivers allow the hardware to communicate with each other, allowing them to work properly. To ensure that all functions continue to run optimally, drivers must always be kept up to date.

Updating chipset drivers: How to do it

The most important thing is that you update the right drivers. Installing the wrong or old drivers can lead to problems, among other things.
  1. To find out the chipset of your hardware, you can either open the case of your computer and take a look at the labels of the individual components, or you can use special software.
  2. Download CPU-Z and install the software.
  3. Start the program and do not be intimidated by the many numbers and identifiers. Use the given information to download the appropriate driver from the manufacturer's site.

Install chipset drivers - it's that easy

  1. To install the drivers for all components in parallel and simultaneously now, right-click the file and select "Create shortcut".
  2. Wählen Sie die Verknüpfung nun erneut mit rechts an und klicken Sie auf „Eigenschaften“.
  3. Im Feld „Ziel“ fügen Sie am Ende [-OVERALL] ein und schließen das Fenster.
  4. Nun können Sie die Verknüpfung als Administrator ausführen und warten, bis der Vorgang abgeschlossen ist.

By Sapienza Frazzano

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