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Windows 10: Update drivers - this is how it works

To ensure that the hardware components of your computer work without problems, it is important to install the drivers of the respective devices and always keep them up to date. Windows 10 already offers a function that allows you to automatically search for the appropriate driver.

How to update your drivers in Windows 10

Normally, your drivers are always kept up to date via the automatic Windows updates. However, if you still want to download and install a driver manually, that is also possible. To update a specific driver, you first need to go to the "Device Manager".
  1. To open the Device Manager, search for it using the text field at the bottom left.
  2. In the Manager, go to the respective category to be able to select the device from which you want to update the driver.
  3. Click on the corresponding device and select "Update Driver".
  4. Then click on "Automatically search for current driver software".
  5. If no driver is found, it is necessary to download the driver via the website of the respective device manufacturer and install it accordingly. The exact instructions for this can usually be seen on the website.
  6. If, on the other hand, you want to reinstall a driver, then it is necessary to uninstall it via the Device Manager. Here you proceed as described above and select the option "Uninstall" in the third step.

By Juana

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