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PayPal: Internal Server Error - this helps

With PayPal you have the opportunity to conveniently shop and pay on the Internet. Thus, you do not have to provide your bank details every time in the online store. Even though the service usually runs without any problems, you may encounter an error with the message "Internal Server Error" when making a purchase.

This is what you can do when you get an "Internal Server Error" message from PayPal

When you store at an online store, you can't always be sure if it's reputable. Passing on your account details is therefore not without risk. However, with the PayPal payment system you have the possibility to pay safely on the Internet. Even if usually no error occurs, there may be a problem. If the message "Internal Server Error" is then displayed, you can not always do something about it.
  1. If the message "Internal Server Error" occurs, there is usually an error with the servers of PayPal.
  2. On various websites such as allestörungen.de, users report whether they have problems with a service. Werden ungewöhnlich viele Meldungen angezeigt, dann können Sie von einem Fehler bei PayPal ausgehen. Auch der Twitter-Account von PayPal gibt Ihnen Aufschluss darüber, ob ein Problem vorliegt und wann dieses gelöst ist. Außer abzuwarten, bis die Fehler von PayPal behoben wurden, können Sie nichts tun.
  3. Manchmal kann es helfen, Ihren Browser-Cache zu löschen.

By Heymann

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