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FTP server: How to set up a server locally with FileZilla

By setting up a computer as an FTP server, you have several options. For example, you can forgo continuing to use a NAS and use the computer itself to share or store files. Handling an FTP server is also much easier.

Setting up an FTP server: With FileZilla it works

First you need to download the program "Filezilla" and install it on your computer. You can find the link to the free software here.
  1. Once the program is installed, launch it.
  2. Shortly after the software is launched, a new window will appear where you click "OK".
  3. Now create a new user by clicking "Edit" at the top and continue to select "User".
  4. Now click the "Add" button on the right and assign a user name.
  5. Select the user you just created and enter a new password in the appropriate field.

Set up FTP server: Define folder for data transfer

  1. Now you need to define a folder where uploads and downloads will be completed. Klicken Sie dazu auf „Shared Folders“ und fügen Sie einen Ordner durch „Add“ hinzu.
  2. Ordnern können Sie außerdem diverse Rechte erteilen, wodurch diese nur Lese- oder Schreibzugriff haben.
  3. Auch eine Willkommensnachricht kann auf dem Server eingerichtet werden. Diese Option finden Sie unter „General Settings“ und „Welcome Message“.

By Dyann

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