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SD card as internal storage - what you have to consider

When you buy a new smartphone, you can choose between different storage capacities. Usually, they come with 64 or 128 GB. However, if the memory is not enough for you, you can additionally insert an SD card into the device. You have the option of using this as internal memory.

How to use an SD card as internal memory

If your smartphone memory is not enough, you can expand it using an external SD card. However, for this the device needs a suitable slot where you can insert the card. You have to set up the SD card as internal memory so that you can save all data on the SD as usual. In doing so, all data that is already on the card will be lost.
  1. First, insert the SD card into the slot in your smartphone.
  2. In the next step, open the settings of the device and select the Memory option. On some smartphones, this item may also be called "Memory and USB".
  3. In the "Mobile Storage" section, you will now see the inserted SD card listed. Wählen Sie diese aus.
  4. Tippen Sie jetzt oben rechts auf das Icon mit den drei untereinanderliegenden Punkten.
  5. Wählen Sie den Menüpunkt „Speichereinstellungen“ aus.
  6. Hier finden Sie die Option „Als intern formatieren“. Klicken Sie auf darauf, um die SD-Karte als internen Speicher zu verwenden.
  7. Lesen Sie sich die angezeigten Hinweise durch und bestätigen Sie diese über „SD-Karte formatieren“.

By Corny Zahid

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