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Note 9: Create screenshot in four ways

You have several options to create a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. After that, it is possible to share your screen capture with your contacts or edit it.

How to take a screenshot on Note 9

There are different ways to take a screenshot on your Note 9. It is possible via buttons, gestures as well as with the help of the S Pen that comes with the Note 9.
  1. It is possible to take a screenshot on the Note 9 with a gesture. To do this, you simply swipe the edge of your hand from left to right across the screen. If this does not work, activate the function under "Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures > Screenshot".
  2. In addition, you can also take a screenshot via the physical buttons on the smartphone. To do this, simply press the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time.
  3. For the third and fourth methods, you will need the S Pen to take a screenshot with the Note 9. So, pick up the Pen and tap the S Pen icon on the screen. Now press SmartSelect. Now select an area or the entire screen with the pen. Finally, tap "Save".
  4. Finally, after tapping the S Pen icon, you can select "Screenshot Note". The Note 9 will immediately take a screenshot, and you can edit it directly with the Pen or make a note before saving it.
After taking the screenshot, you can find it in the gallery in the "Screenshots" folder. Tap the preview to go directly to the photo.

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