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WhatsApp: Save videos - how to back up your videos

Videos, pictures and audio messages sent to you in WhatsApp are saved on your smartphone by default. Through the Messenger app settings, you have the ability to customize this option. Learn how to change the configurations on iOS and Android smartphones here.

Save received videos in WhatsApp

All content sent to you on WhatsApp is automatically saved on your smartphone, unless set otherwise.
  1. WhatsApp stores the downloaded images and videos in the gallery of your smartphone by default. The images and videos can then be accessed there independently of WhatsApp.
  2. Have you disabled the automatic download and saving of content, however, you must tap received media in the chat first, so that WhatsApp downloads them.
  3. To save, you must tap the image or video again. As an Android user, you can find the save function by tapping the three-dot icon and selecting the option "Save to Gallery". iOS users need to tap the share icon at the bottom left and select the option "Save".
  4. The saved videos and images can then be found in your gallery.

This is how you configure the save function of videos

On the settings of the Messenger app, you can define yourself which media WhatsApp should automatically download and save.
  1. Open WhatsApp and call up the settings of the app.
  2. In the overview, tap on the item "Data and storage usage".
  3. In the category "Automatic download of media" you can specify when and whether WhatsApp should download and save received images, audio, videos and documents.
In the Android version of WhatsApp, you also have the option to change the storage location. Unter iOS steht diese Funktion nicht zur Verf├╝gung.

By Wengert Anakalea

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