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Android: Delete pre-installed apps without root

In Android devices, as in other mobile operating systems, many apps are already pre-installed. You can not always easily remove them from your system. If you do not want to root your smartphone to delete the unwanted apps from your device, there is also another way to remove them.

How to delete pre-installed apps on an Android device without root

If you don't want to root your Android device specifically to remove pre-installed apps, then there is another option. However, keep in mind that you should not delete all apps. Otherwise, you may remove important system components.
  1. Download the latest version of Minimal ADB and Fastboot to your PC.
  2. Unzip the file to a location of your choice on the computer.
  3. Open the settings on your Android device and select the item "Phone Info".
  4. Now click on "Software Information". Tap here several times on "Build number" until you see the message "Developer mode has been activated".
  5. Then go to "Developer options" in the settings and activate the option "USB debugging".
  6. Connect your smartphone to the PC and open the console on it.
  7. Within the console, use the command "CD" to switch to the folder where the software is stored. Execute the command "adb".
  8. Check via the command "amd devices" whether the connection works.
  9. Enter "amd shell" and then "pm list packages". Now you will see all the apps. You uninstall these with "pm uninstall -k -user 0 NAME". Replace NAME with the name of the app.

By Rodrich Haugh

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