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CHILI: Pay-per-view service launched in Germany - all info

Blockbusters without ongoing costs: With this concept, the Italian provider CHILI brings home cinema to Germany. Our guide explains the service and takes a look at the costs.

One movie, pay once: At CHILI, there's pay-per-view online.

While market leader Netflix has established the flat-rate model around the globe, CHILI is thinking of users who don't like fixed monthly costs.

CHILI: pay-per-view all the way - but internet-based

At its core, CHILI is an old-school online video store:
  • You pick a movie and buy or rent it, with no subscription commitment.
  • The average price to rent is 3.99 euros. Some films are also available for 2.99 euros, while others cost 5.99 or 8.99 euros.
  • The purchase prices also vary greatly, depending on the status and age of the film. However, prices of under 5 euros are not uncommon here either.
  • You can either stream or download the movies. Thanks to mobile app, smartphones and tablets are also compatible.
The film selection at CHILI includes many current hits and is constantly being expanded. Titles such as "Glass," "The Mule," "Creed" or the German comedy "100 Things" are included in the video library. CHILI thus appeals to users who do not want to commit to a provider, but only want to watch selected films.

By Rozek Haneline

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