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Surface Pro 6: Which processor? The choice is there

The Surface Pro 6, like any computer, has a processor. Exactly which processor is installed in your Surface Pro 6 depends on the memory variant you choose. You can find out how to find out which components are installed in your Surface model in this article.

Processor: These variants of the Surface Pro 6 are there

When buying the Surface Pro 6, you have the choice between two different processors. Depending on the memory capacity you choose, the new Surface model is available with either an Intel Core i5 or an Intel Core i7 processor. While the Surface Pro 6 with 512 GB and 1 TB always has an i7 processor and the model with 128 GB storage uses an i5 processor, the model with 256 GB is available with both processor types.

Surface Pro 6: How to find out which processor you have

If you don't know which processor your Surface Pro 6 has, there are several ways to find out in Windows. If you are using your Surface Pro 6 with a keyboard, the fastest way to find out the processor type is via a key combination.
  1. To do this, press the "Windows key" and the "Pause key" simultaneously to open a new window in which the most important basic information of the Surface is displayed.
  2. You can also find out which processor your tablet computer uses via the Device Manager. Öffnen Sie hierfür zunächst den Ausführen-Dialog durch Drücken von „Windows-Taste“ + „R“ und geben Sie dort den Befehl „devicemgmt.msc“ zum Öffnen des Gerätemanagers ein.
  3. Alternativ finden Sie die Information über den verbauten Prozessor auch durch Navigation zu „Start“ > „Systemsteuerung“ > „System und Sicherheit“ > „System“.

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