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LinkedIn: tips for a powerful profile

A profile on LinkedIn is like a virtual billboard for a professional career. The professional network is often used by recruiters looking for candidates for open positions. With a strong profile, you'll stand out and stand out from other applicants.

Tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile

Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy. However, for an outstanding profile, it is important to pay attention to certain details:
  • Profile photo: upload a photo of yourself that is as professional as possible. Profiles with a good profile picture are clicked up to 20 times more often.
  • Profile slogan: The slogan almost in a few words together what you stand for. He is often the first information that a visitor to the profile reads. Be as precise as possible in the profile slogan and highlight your strength.
  • Knowledge: If you have certain skills, for example, in the area of industry knowledge, social skills and languages, you can specify them and have them confirmed by other contacts in your network.

Important LinkedIn Tip: Recommendations

For any work experience, ideally get a personal recommendation from your former superiors. A public recommendation is often worth more than just mentioning your work experience. Zudem können Sie von Ihren Kontakten auf LinkedIn eine unbegrenzte Anzahl an Empfehlungen erhalten, die für andere Profilbesucher sichtbar sind.

By Beulah

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