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What is Waipu.tv?

Waipu.tv is a provider that streams the complete TV channel variety to the TV via WLAN using an app and provides its own fiber-optic network. Using the user's own smartphone as a control element is intended to make program guides, remote controls and video recorders superfluous.

Offers and content of Waipu.tv

Waipu.tv offers its customers three different usage packages.
  1. The basic package is available to those who register with Waipu.tv but do not sign up for a paid subscription. Access is limited here to 70 channels in SD quality.
  2. The Comfort package offers 116 TV channels, some in HD quality. However, this must be booked separately and costs €4.99 per month. In addition, you get 25 hours of recording memory and the pause function.
  3. The full access to all 135 channels, including 104 in HD quality, allows the Perfect package. In addition, here are 100 hours of recording memory and the pause function. In addition, playback takes place on the smartphone, TV and FireTV. The cost of this package is 9.99€ per month.

With which DSL providers can Waipu.tv be used?

Waipu.tv is delivered via its own fiber-optic network in Germany and is also connected to the networks of DSL and the respective cable providers. Thus, those households can receive Waipu.tv, which have a corresponding fiber-optic connection or a DSL connection.Furthermore, the Ultra HD/4K quality or pay-TV offers and other streaming offers are to be integrated into Waipu.tv in the future. Thus, this provider is in real competition with the so far leading providers such as Zattoo and Telekom Entertain.

By Brawner Ertel

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