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Screen Sharing between Smart TV and Laptop

When it comes to screen sharing between Smart TV and laptop, you can choose between several variants. Either use the modern method and connect the two devices wirelessly via the WLAN and Miracast, or take the classic route and use an HDMI cable.

Screen sharing: WLAN connection for Smart TV and laptop

Screen sharing between a Smart TV and your laptop can be easily established via WLAN connection.
  1. To do this, turn on your TV and navigate to "Network Services" in the settings - the exact name varies from model to model.
  2. Here you activate the Miracast function.
  3. In Windows 10 now press the key combination [Windows key]+[K] on the home page to get to the connection options.
  4. Select your Smart TV. If you get an error message, reinstall the necessary drivers.
  5. If you have a TV or laptop that does not support the Miracast wireless standard, it is best to use a dongle such as Chromecast or Mirascreen to transmit the signal.

Connect Smart TV via HDMI cable

If you do not want to buy a dongle or need an alternative solution, connect your devices via HDMI cable. Then turn on both devices and select the "HDMI" option via the TV remote control. If necessary, make sure you select the correct HDMI interface if your Smart TV has more than one.

By Cioffred Calabro

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