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PC too slow? How to speed up your system!

It may happen that your PC slows down over time. This happens especially if you have not reset the Windows operating system and your PC for a longer period of time. You will notice the problem by the slowed down loading speed of browsers and other programs.

Why is your PC slow and what can you do about it?

Having your PC in use for a long time, it usually gets slower and slower. This is mainly due to temporary data that is stored somewhere by programs. This data can take up a large volume over time, accordingly it takes more time for a program to search for a particular file in this mass of data. Much of this data is not particularly important and can be safely deleted.

How to speed up your PC

  1. Either delete the unnecessary data yourself or use a cleaning tool. Here, the WinOptimizer from Ashampoo is a good choice.
  2. If you prefer to delete the data manually, there are several ways to do this. You can delete only the appropriate folders or you reset the whole operating system right away.
  3. A good tip is to also open the Task Manager and turn off here under "Startup Programs" those that strongly influence the startup and thus slow down the PC.

By Sorel

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