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DSL speed too slow

Whether on your tablet, smartphone, PC or game console, fast internet is hugely important. If your DSL router has been slower than before lately, it may be due to various issues such as your browser having too many temporary files.

DSL speed too slow: How to make your Internet faster againTo find out how fast your DSL connection really is, it is recommended that you first perform a speed test. You can find various offers for this on the Internet, such as at speedtest.computerbild.de. If the speed is lower than contracted, try the following steps:
  1. Delete the temporary files of your Internet browser with CCleaner: Install the program and open it. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are located on the "Windows" tab. For Google Chrome and Firefox, click on the "Applications" tab. Put a check mark on everything you don't need, such as cookies or download history. Click on "Run Cleaner."
  2. Your driver may be out of date. You can easily find and install an up-to-date driver with the Driver Easy program: Download the driver with the program and open the Device Manager. Right-click on the network card. In the context menu click "Update driver" > "Search for driver software on the computer" > "Select from a list of device drivers" > "Disk". Select the downloaded file.
  3. Restart your router by unplugging it for several seconds.

If the DSL speed remains too slow

Contact your provider. If an unsolvable problem arises during the connection or the tips described above do not help, an error may also have occurred on the part of the provider.

By Pulchia Vitolas

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