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getnow: Shipping costs for orders at a glance

The Berlin-based company getnow delivers groceries directly to your home. It's convenient and time-saving, but not always free. We show what shipping costs are.

Shopping for 40 euros or more is particularly worthwhile at getnow.

getnow was founded in Berlin back in 2015 and has grown strongly since then. This mainly concerns the number of available locations.

getnow: shipping costs depending on time and order value

The delivery costs of getnow are as follows:
  • From an order value of 40 euros, the shipping costs are waived.
  • Under 40 euros, you pay a flat rate of 3.99 euros per order.
  • If it should go particularly fast, delivery in 90 minutes is possible. For this, 6.99 euros regardless of the order value.
The business model is possible through the cooperation with Metro, since the products are delivered from there. By the way, there is no surcharge for this: you pay exactly the same prices in the store of getnow as at Metro locally.

By Gonagle Rini

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