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Change DHL shipping address: What you need to do

You get a DHL package delivered to you, but you entered the wrong address or move within the delivery period? In some cases, you can change the delivery address at DHL afterwards.

How easy it is to change the delivery address at DHL

DHL is one of the largest parcel delivery companies in Germany. Order something when shopping online or in the catalog and you realize that you have accidentally entered a wrong address, there is only a short period in which you can still change the delivery address.If the package is not yet sent, but your order is being processed, you can still adjust the address in time. For example, at Amazon you can see the order status in detail by clicking on "My Account" and then on "My Orders". If an order is "In Processing" but not yet shipped, you can contact Amazon and change the address or cancel the order and place it again with the correct delivery address.

Parcel already shipped - and now?

If you register with DHL, you will always receive a parcel notification. With this you can change the DHL delivery address. You can create and use the account with DHL free of charge and thus always control where your packages are at the moment.
  • As a registered customer, you will receive an email or app notification when a package is to be delivered.
  • Now you can select in the mail that the package should be deposited at a certain location, sent to a package station or delivered to a very specific neighbor.
  • You can not, however, specify a completely different address.

By Talbott Wooldridge

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