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Get more followers on SoundCloud - here's how

On the social media network SoundCloud, you can share music with your followers and meet new friends. To get more followers, it is important to have an appealing profile. Some factors are particularly attractive to new followers.

How do you manage to get more followers on SoundCloud?

If you want to generate more followers on SoundCloud, you should also pay attention to your search results on Google.
  1. Choose a name for your profile that is as straightforward as possible and easy to remember. This way you will be found better. Use for example a name generator from the Internet.
  2. Decide on an attractive cover image and an easily recognizable profile picture. Both should fit your band or you as a musician and have recognition features.
  3. The best thing to do is to ask a graphic artist, designer or photographer friend. They can certainly help you with the design.
  4. Connect your profile with other profiles in social networks. For example, with a band website on Facebook, your Twitter account or even LinkedIn.
  5. Use Twitter and keep your fans informed about the progress of your music career.
  6. Search your SoundCloud profile as often as possible on Google and also ask your friends and family if you could do the same. Only in this way you slide up in the search and get a better search rating.
  7. Use the link to your SoundCloud profile excessively in tweets or on Instagram, so that you always get new followers.

By Harald

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