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Change Apple Watch wristband - how to do it

Apple wants to offer gadget owners as much variety as possible. To fit the modern lifestyle, you can easily change the Apple Watch wristband. We show you what you need to keep in mind.

Change your wrist: numerous wristbands for the Apple Watch make it possible.

How to change your Apple Watch wristband

A variety of wristbands exist for Apple's smart watch. Follow these steps to change the strap of your Apple Watch:
  1. On the back of the Apple Watch, the strap is connected to the case. There is a release button on each side.
  2. Lay your Apple Watch on a clean surface with the display facing down. Press the button first on one side and detach the strap from the case.
  3. Then do the same on the other side.Press the button first on one side and detach the strap from the case. Then do the same on the other side.
  4. To attach the new strap, press the buttons again, as this will unlock the openings.
  5. Once you have pushed both ends of the new strap firmly into the case, the watch is ready for your wrist again.

Change Apple Watch strap: These special features there are

For some types of bracelets, the procedure described above differs. Do you have an Apple Watch with link bracelet, this must first be separated into two parts. To do this, please close the double fiber clasp of the bracelet on both sides and make sure you hear a click. Then hold down the quick release button and slide the bracelet out to the side meanwhile.

By Bodnar Prys

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