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Calculate heart rate - with this method it is possible

When exercising, it is important to pay attention to your heart rate. Heart rate indicates your heart beats per minute. Usually, you need to know your heart rate or pulse at rest. Nevertheless, it can also be useful to know what your maximum heart rate should be when exercising.

This is how you calculate your heart rate

In order to constantly improve at sports, it is useful to know your resting pulse or your heart rate in a resting position. To do this, hold your left index and middle fingers on your right wrist over an artery in the morning after waking up. The surface of the right hand points upwards. Now count the beats within 15 seconds and multiply them by 4. After you have determined the heart rate at rest, you still need the maximum heart rate. You can calculate this with a simple formula.
  1. As a rule of thumb, the formula "220 - age = maximum heart rate" is usually used.
  2. On the Internet you will find numerous websites that offer calculators. Here you usually enter your gender, age, resting heart rate and weight. Then this automatically calculates your maximum heart rate.
  3. Alternatively, you can measure your heart rate using a smartwatch or fitness tracker. This method is usually more useful, because the heart rate can vary from person to person. With the tracker you will therefore experience a more accurate work than via the manual calculation.

By Sandro Rubino

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