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Steam Booster Packs: All info about the virtual items

In the Steam system you can fulfill activities and thus level up. Booster packs speed up this process. These are so-called card packs that are unlocked by collecting cards to certain games. These subsequently receive three random cards.

Collectible card roulette: excitement is included in Steam Booster Packs.

How Steam Booster Packs

If you're missing certain collectible cards on Steam, you can push your luck. You can do this with the help of Booster Packs, which you can get as a trade-in. If you have reached all cards of a certain game set, you can also increase the chance for a Steam Booster Pack.
  • Booster Packs can be bought with gems. The prices depend on the game and are a maximum of 1,000 gems.
  • However, you will also receive these with increased Steam level. However, Booster Packs are randomly given to eligible Steam users once other community members have made more badges.
  • Booster Packs each relate to a specific game and include three random trading cards for it.
  • The number of Booster Packs you can buy is limited. You can see the rules in the "Booster Pack Creation" section, which you can find under "Badges". Click on "How do I get cards?", you will also get more information.
There you will learn that you can only make one booster pack per day and game. So even with enough gems, there is a clear limit. Whether you get a booster pack as a gift depends on your Steam level. From level 10, the chance is 20 percent, and at level 50, it's 100 percent. The latter means that you have doubled your chance. The probability also increases with your playing time.

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