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Valheim: Repairing items - how it works

Items that wear out over time are present in quite a few games. This is also the case in Valheim, but repairing them is possible with a special feature. Read how it works.

Nice: Repairing items is always free in Valheim.

You repair worn items like axes, pickaxes and co. at the workbench. The highlight, however, is that there are no costs (i.e. resources) for this.

Valheim: How to repair items

Consequently, the repair is always free when you are at a workbench. It's very simple:
  1. Stand in front of the workbench and open it.
  2. Click on the button with the hammer that sticks out to the left of the product catalog.
  3. With each click, one of your tools will be completely repaired. Keep clicking until you see that the durability bars of all tools and weapons are back to maximum.
This is possible even if the durability of an item is already used up ("broken") and it is currently no longer usable. A visit to the workbench provides improvement and this is another way Valheim stands out from the competition.

By Zipah Hornack

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