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Valheim: Craft black metal items - how to do it

Among all materials in Valheim, black metal is at the top. Thus, for the toughest challenges in the game, matching items are welcome. Read how to do it.

Noble, noble, black metal: for the valuable material you have to pass in the levels.

The materials you can use to craft items in Valheim follow a clear ranking. Once you have arrived at black metal, you can consider yourself in the endgame.

Valheim: How to make black metal items

Black metal can be found in the form of scrap - this you must melt down to make it usable.
  • For this you need a blast furnace. All info on the construction can be found here.
  • Black metal scrap you do not mine from deposits in the wilderness, but receive it only as loot.
  • For this you must hunt down the Fulinge in the plains.
  • From the melted black metal you can then craft the strongest weapons and shields of the game.
  • The level is the most difficult zone of Valheim in Early Access. Accordingly, it is important to go only with suitable equipment. Rüstungen und Waffen aus Eisen und Silber sowie starke Buff-Foods sind die Voraussetzung.
Da Sie auch Schwarzmetall nicht mit in den Teleporter nehmen können, ist es je nach Anordnung Ihrer Map sinnvoll, eine weitere Basis zu bauen, um das Material dort direkt verarbeiten zu können.

By Essam Ehlen

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