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No Man's Sky: Craft chromatic metal - here's how

Among the many materials you need to construct buildings and other items, chromatic metal is especially important. This is especially true at the beginning. Read how to craft chromatic metal.

Chromatic metal is one of the basic materials in No Man's Sky.

Not much works without chromatic metal. If you need the material, you should know the two ways to manufacture it.

No Man's Sky: Chromatic metal combinable from several combinations

The initially easiest way to chromatic metal is via copper, since you can find it practically everywhere. The conversion rate is 2:1, so out of 2 copper comes out one chromatic metal.If you own a refinery that can take at least two starting materials, there is another possibility:
  • 1 Copper + 1 Pure Ferrite -> 1 Chromatic Metal
This variant is interesting if you can get pure ferrite easier than copper. Since copper is needed in any case, it is advisable to always have rough quantities in stock.

By Angelique

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