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Valheim: Build harpoon - these items are necessary

Different rules apply on the water than on land. This becomes apparent at the latest when you fight a sea snake on the ocean. With a harpoon you are well equipped and we explain what you need for it.

Leviathan wanted: The harpoon is unlocked by chitin.

The ocean is considered its own biome in the world of Valheim. There you will find materials that you search in vain on land.

Valheim: How to get the material for the harpoon

For the harpoon you need namely chitin:
  • This you can mine from the back of leviathans. These are large, floating creatures that resemble an island.
  • You will not find leviathans near the shore, but only on the high seas.
  • Through chitin you unlock the construction of the harpoon. This requires a total of 30 chitin, 8 precious wood and 3 leather scraps.
When mining chitin, there is a possibility that the leviathan dives. Therefore, always be prepared to return to your boat quickly. Consequently, you should never completely deplete your condition and let your ship drift in a favorable position.

By Bea Steigman

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