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Flinkster: daily rate explained - these costs apply

Hourly rates are the basis at Flinkster, but not the only option. For longer bookings, there are daily rates and our guide shows how these are structured and what you should bear in mind.

Don't forget the mileage allowance: The driving distance also plays a role in the daily price.

If you need a carsharing car for at least one day, you can find a corresponding booking option at Flinkster.

Flinkster: Different daily prices depending on category and rental period

As with the hourly price, the daily price at Flinkster also depends on the vehicle category:
  • The Mini class costs 33 euros for the first day and 29 euros for each day from the second day.
  • In the compact class it is 60 and 39 euros.
  • The most expensive are vans with 80 and 59 euros.
  • In addition, in all cases, the respective kilometer price. This is also based on the category and amounts to 25 to 30 cents.
  • Example calculation: If you rent a small car like an Opel Corsa for a day and drive 50 kilometers, the total cost of 50 euros daily rate plus 12.50 euros (50 times 25 cents kilometer price), so a total of 62.50 euros.
Since the rent is cheaper from the second day, Flinkster motivates bookings for more than one day. Because of the mileage flat rate, the planned distance is an important factor in the cost calculation, especially when comparing with other car sharing services. The price calculator of Flinkster is helpful in planning.

By Joktan Broll

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