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SIXT share: What does the daily price mean? We clarify

The rental with SIXT share starts, as usual in car sharing, with a fixed price per minute. In addition, there is also the daily rate, but only under certain conditions. We explain what this is all about.

Every minute counts - but only up to the upper limit: the daily rate makes it possible.

When using carsharing, the running costs are always in the back of your mind. SIXT share provides a remedy with the daily price.

SIXT share: daily price simply explained

The daily price of SIXT share serves as an upper limit for your costs:
  • If you rent a car for so long that the accumulated costs per minute price reach the daily price, no further costs are incurred for that day.
  • In the cheapest category, the daily rate is 59 euros.
  • If you reach this value, you may continue to use the car without additional costs until 24 hours have passed since the beginning of the rent.
  • This, however, only affects the base price. If the mileage limits are exceeded, there are additional costs for this.
In this way, even longer rentals become attractive, since there is no risk that the costs get out of hand. You can thus drive without any worries and fully concentrate on the road.

By Buddie Chais

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