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Cancel FitX because of relocation - is that possible? We clarify

The termination of a current contract is usually only necessary due to special circumstances. But does that also apply to a move? Our guide explains how it looks with the cancellation at FitX.

Far enough away? At FitX, you may be able to cancel directly.

A move often means new conditions in many areas of life. This also applies to gyms in the vicinity.

Cancel FitX because of relocation: These are the conditions

In principle, the termination at FitX because of a move is permissible. For this, however, a condition must be met:
  • In the radius of 20 km around your new address, there must be no FitX studio.
  • For proof, you must send a new certificate of registration to [email protected].
With this regulation is clear: The termination as a result of a move is not possible in larger cities, since FitX is now represented everywhere there. In rural areas, however, it looks different - here the chances are partly good, since the next studio is probably more than 20 km away.

By Mendoza

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