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Cancel fitX online: how it works - all info

Due to the ongoing difficult situation, many gym members do not want to continue paying monthly fees without being able to use the offer. Read how you can cancel at FitX.

Easily online: Cancellation at FitX is possible in the customer login.

FitX is hot on McFit's heels in the nationwide discounter segment. For both chains, however, the situation has been equally difficult since 2020 - the rising cancellation figures speak for themselves.

FitX: How to cancel your membership online

After all, FitX makes it easy for its customers to cancel their membership. In fact, this does not even require a letter, as it is quite easy to do online:
  1. Log in to membersarea.fitx.de. To do this, you need a registration, which is possible with your customer number.
  2. Under "My Contract" you will see directly the option to cancel your contract.
There you will see other important info, such as the end of the notice period and the term. Currently just as important: At the end of your term, the free months resulting from Corona closures are still attached. This means that you can still visit the studio many months after the end of the contract period, as soon as this is allowed again.

By Annice Lily

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