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Germanwings: Cancel flight online - this is how it works

Germanwings made negative headlines some time ago. Nevertheless, the airline has held its ground and is still transporting passengers. If you have also booked a flight with Germanwings and would like to cancel it, it's easy to do so online - but only on one condition.

How to cancel a flight online with Germanwings

If you want to cancel your flight online, simply go to the Germanwings website and log in or enter the booking number and your last name. Now you can cancel the flight directly. However, this is only possible if you have chosen the SMART or BEST fare.
  1. Should the flight be impossible to cancel, you can still claim back all non-ticket costs from the airline. The airline must reimburse you for these costs. You can even claim them up to three years in retrospect.
  2. To do this, send a letter to the airline and specify your ticket number, your name and the account to which the refund should be made. Set a deadline of four weeks.
  3. If the airline does not write you back or you receive a message that the airline does not want to transfer money, you should consult a lawyer and let them clarify the facts.
  4. Mostly the airlines then give in, because from a legal point of view they have to pay back the amount without fees.
  5. You can also use the website money for flight to reclaim your amount. This site specializes in refunding flights not taken.

By Benge

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