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Germanwings: Online check-in - you should pay attention to this

Germanwings offers you that you can conveniently do the check-in online from your PC or on the road. Thus, you are much more flexible and save the necessary time at the airport. So you can just arrive at the airport shortly before departure and make your departure more stress-free.

This is what you should pay attention to

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should pay attention to the following aspects for a smooth check-in:
  1. Germanwings and Eurowings allow you to check in no earlier than 72 hours and no later than 3 hours before departure. This rule applies if you want to enter Germany from an airport abroad.
  2. Should your flight depart from a German airport, you can use the web check-in up to 30 minutes before departure.
  3. The portal allows you to check in all passengers registered on a booking at the same time.
  4. It is important that you print out the boarding pass, which is available to you immediately after web check-in, and keep it safe. You must present this to the staff at the airport.
  5. To keep the portal secure, relatively short usage times apply. So that your session does not expire unused, you should have your booking code or ticket number ready.
  6. Meanwhile, you can also check in via app. You then no longer have to print out your boarding pass, but you can access the digital version. This is also available without an Internet connection.

Do you still have to go to the counter?

Whether you still have to queue at the Germanwings counter depends on what baggage you want to travel with. If you only have hand luggage, then you are spared the walk to the counter. Would you like to travel with luggage, then you must check it in at the counter.

By Hintze

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