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Apple Pay vs. Google Pay - a comparison

With both Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can make contactless payments via your smartphone or tablet. Both payment service providers have numerous similarities, but also differences. Therefore, weigh up for yourself individually which method is most likely to come into question for you personally.

Apple Pay vs. Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are both the largest providers of this form of payment service. However, they agree only in parts in their offer, they have namely also one or the other difference.
  • When using both methods, you need a credit card in each case.
  • While you can also use Google Pay abroad, this is possible with Apple Pay only with a foreign credit card.
  • A big difference is the technical background. So you can use Apple Pay only if your device is equipped with the operating system "iOS". Google Pay, on the other hand, can only be used under "Android".
  • Both services use NFC for communication between smartphone and payment terminal.
  • Another common feature is that there are no separate fees for the use of the services.
  • With both services, you can pay both online and in various stores that offer this option.
  • In terms of security, both payment services also hold common ground. So tauschen Sie keine privaten Daten mit den Servern aus, da sie jeweils eine virtuelle Karte erstellen.
  • Darüber hinaus müssen Sie sich sowohl bei Apple Pay als auch bei Google Pay für den Bezahlvorgang individuell identifizieren.

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