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Google Stadia vs. gaming PC: A direct comparison

Google Stadia is supposed to make own hardware superfluous. Nevertheless, the question arises how the cloud gaming platform compares to a potent gaming PC. Our comparison provides information.

Google Stadia has advantages over gaming PCs - but not only.

We have explained the basics about Stadia here. The comparison with a gaming PC is interesting because it provides a statement about the computing power of the cloud.

Google Stadia vs. gaming PC: An unequal duel?

With a fast Internet connection (for example DSL 50), Stadia is supposed to deliver a constant 60 FPS in 4K resolution. That's a proud claim, because:
  • A PC that delivers this performance in all games falls into the high-end category with expensive components like a GeForce 2080 Ti.
  • The total price of such a system is 2,000 Euros or more (as of today). Repairs and upgrades are not yet included there.
  • With Stadia, these costs are omitted. At the same time, Stadia is not location-bound and thus much more flexible.
  • However, 4K gaming is not at all the claim of all gamers. A PC that delivers high frame rates at 1080p is considerably cheaper - but still not for free.
The direct comparison thus depends on the respective gamer type. And there are also possible drawbacks with Stadia: In genres like online shooters, latency is extremely important and cloud gaming could show weaknesses here. Furthermore, the possibility to use mods has always been a big plus for PC gamers, and this will not be possible with Stadia.In summary: Those who own a good gaming PC today do not necessarily have to switch to Stadia in the foreseeable future. The question becomes more exciting when it is time for new hardware. After all, Stadia will have been on the market for a long time by then, so an assessment will be much better.

By Dorfman Herkel

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