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Google Stadia: Saving gaming clips - how it works

The gaming era of today is also the era of streaming. Accordingly, it is important for many gamers to save spontaneous clips. We show what options Google Stadia offers for this.

Save gaming highlights retroactively: Stadia lets you record the last 30 seconds.

Whether on Steam, via Windows 10 or on consoles, every modern gaming system has options for video recording. Google is also aware of the trend and has equipped Stadia to match.

Google Stadia: How to save 30-second clips

Currently, Stadia lets you save the last 30 seconds of your game as a video clip. This is quite simple, depending on the input method:
  • Keyboard gamers need to hold down "F12".
  • With the Stadia controller, hold down the right of the small central keys (the symbol is an implied square).
As Stadia is known to run purely cloud-based, the clips are also not stored locally, but in your Stadia account. With Pro subscription you can store up to 500 clips, without subscription it is 100.

By Kitchen Vandemortel

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