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FitX: How to use the rest period - explanation and info

With the rest period, FitX offers its members an option for more flexibility. Our guide explains the system and gives the conditions to the concept, which is currently more popular than ever.

Subscription with pause button: The rest period at FitX can be used tactically clever.

Unfortunately, there is no special right of termination because of the Corona crisis at fitness studios. The rest period is therefore a practical tool.

FitX: What is the rest period - and how can you use it?

Thanks to rest period, you can simply put your current FitX contract temporarily on hold.
  • During this time, you pay no fees, but also can not visit the studios.
  • The contract period is extended accordingly, as the rest period months are added to the end of the contract.
  • Per year, you can pause a maximum of six months per rest period.
The rest period is thus a practical means to avoid paying unnecessary membership fees during times when you can not visit the studio. You can find how to activate the rest period and all the info about it in the Members section of the website.

By Hutchison

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