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Telegram: Video calls possible? We clarify the situation

VoIP telephony has long been included in all communication apps. The situation is different with video calls. We clarify the question of whether video chats are possible with the popular WhatsApp alternative.

Telegram video calls are high on users' wish lists.

Telegram is one of WhatsApp's main competitors. As such, features like video calling should be on board - at least in theory.

Telegram: Start video call - here's what to watch out for

Because in practice, there are still no video calls on Telegram.
  • When you press the phone button at the top of the chat, a voice call is started. However, the option to optionally switch the camera to it does not appear.
  • Telegram has not yet commented on the reasons why the feature still does not exist after all these years.
As a conclusion, it seems obvious that the introduction is not planned in the foreseeable future. This may mean that Telegram does not consider the feature important enough to go to the technical effort. After all, the service has been able to grow constantly even without video telephony, and sometimes with big jumps, most recently in March 2019, for example, when Telegram was able to register around three million new users in 24 hours thanks to massive server problems at WhatsApp.

By Emmalee

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