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Telegram: Video calls now finally possible - all info

For a long time users had to wait, much was discussed about it - and now it is finally so far: Telegram allows real video calls. We introduce the feature and give more details.

Face to face: video calls are now possible on Telegram.

In this article from about a year ago, we explained that Telegram does not offer a feature for video calls. This has since changed.

Telegram: Video calls initially only for two users

In August 2020, the new feature went live for Telegram on Android and iOS.
  • Initially, video calls are only worked between two people. However, group calls are already in the works.
  • During the video call, you can access other content thanks to picture-in-picture mode, for example, the image gallery, the browser or a chat.
  • Video calls are also end-to-end encrypted. For additional security, both participants have to solve an emoji test at the beginning of a call.
You start the video call just like in the competitor WhatsApp in the chat window of a contact. There you will see a corresponding button and can initiate the dialing process.

By Hendrix Dimas

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